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Rita’s first memory in the kitchen was when her mother taught her how to make scrambled eggs at age 9. She loves Freddie Mercury and Elton John, and has a giant stack of self-improvement books on her desk that she hasn’t read. Although she’s worn the same vanilla perfume since she was sixteen years old, Rita does branch out from time to time to create whimsical baked goods. She loves binge watching DIY shows and dreaming about the possibilities of the future. 
Rita’s guilty geeky pleasures include Harry Potter, Stranger Things, marching band field shows, and all things arts and crafts. She graduated at the top of her class with a master’s degree in Counseling, which she proudly uses at her job as a barista in a high end cafe. You can find her in one of two places: rocking out to tunes behind the steering wheel of her third Hyundai, or sitting in a faded recliner watching Friends for the 87th time. 
Rita’s greatest accomplishment is being a mom to two incredibly amazing children, and her top skill is enthusiastically believing that anything is possible. She thanks Chris for being her partner in all things and supporting her daydreams. 
Chris judges all restaurants on how well they make his favorite dish, chicken parmesan. He loves betting his loose change in card games with his family. Chris has a passion for watching YouTube tutorials and starting projects, some of which he finishes. He loves battling orks in video games and is always searching the internet for fabulous deals.
Chris’s guilty geeky pleasures include video games, science fiction/fantasy, D&D, and all things computery. He graduated at the top of his class, earning him a degree in Business, and the nickname “4.0.” You can usually find Chris listening to podcasts on the way to his day job.
Chris’s greatest accomplishment is being a father and his top skill is his logical thinking. He thanks Rita for making their lives complete together.
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